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BIG NEWS! The newest, and greatest toy ever has just arrived as is ready for you and your kids. That's right, a toy that adults and kids can rock! Grab a helmet and get ready to ride the future: you can access a hover board and turn heads wherever you go! Guaranteed to get the kids off the video games and outside,main almost any weather.

Pick you favorite - white, black or red - and you are on your way to hours of unbelievable adventure (without breaking the bank)!

Full Throttle Toys offers access to a wide array of the greatest physical engagement and dramatics play toys, without the headache of storage or the cost of buying and maintaining these huge toys. All the fun, none of the work! When our customers head to the park or drop a toy in theirs front yard, they turn heads. Kids everywhere envy them at every park, forest preserve, birthday party, block party and even just Hanging out in the yard with the family.

Research supports it, and every family yearns for it -- get outside and play! 

Your kids are only young for a little while, don't let the high cost of these toys, or the fact that you have no place to keep them, stop you from providing them with hours of fun and adventure!

Full Throttle Toys, Inc was born from a fleet of ride on toys. Click here to read a great article that was written for North Shore Pediatric Therapy. It details the skills that our toys can help develop, along with super links and tons of awesome, helpful information. Along with hours of fun, here are some of the benefits of using our ride on toys. The information can easily apply to any of our expanded selection of toys.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are sharpened and strengthened when your child uses their muscles and their mind. Get your child on one of our toys and watch them grow! Not only will they be on the go burning calories but they'll be learning the importance of exercise and exploration. By operating the toys in various ways, opening and closing doors or manipulating their dashboards, they'll be using hand to eye coordination. This is the key to fine motor skill development.

Improved sense of balance

Without knowing it, a ride on, or any other r, toy will help improve a sense of balance. And children that have played with ride ons find it easier as they grow older to ride bikes, roller blades and roller skates because they have learned to distribute their weight while operating on various terrain better than other children who have not had the opportunity.

Spatial Play

Spatial play is stimulated when your child is out exploring the good old outdoors- in sun, rain, even snow. On hills, grass, concrete, wood chips, you name it. Our environment is so full of colors, sights, and sounds that your child will be stimulated by all that they see and feel around them. This type of play will improve observation skills and stimulate their imaginations. You'll probably  also see an increase in their creativity and artistic side.

Self-Motivation and Self-Esteem

It's important for children to learn how to be self-motivated and to develop good self-esteem at an early age. Our toys help to encourage this because they help children learn how to play independently. We've heard stories of kids who dread the end of this independent play time. Playing independently is important because it gives a child the opportunity to explore their environment at their own speed (with or without our 12volts of power at 5 miles per hour) without any external input from other children. This is a great way for kids to recognize their thoughts and emotions and learn how to express themselves in appropriate ways.

Group Play

Group play will also be encouraged with these toys. By playing and riding their toys in groups, children learn how to better communicate with each other and work as a team. Your child will learn how to understand the feelings of others, to share ideas, give input, and work together in a productive way. You'll soon see kids developing amazing leadership skills. Our toys are some of the most fun and the most stimulating toys that you can offer. The fact that they are so developmentally beneficial makes the world of difference in the growth and development of your child.

Your kids will imagine that they are doing whatever they want with make believe. They are playing in preparation for growing up and adulthood.  Playing like this is a vital part of improving developmental skills. And many of today's toys have other inbuilt activities so that your little one has many ways to keep themselves happy and amused.

Vehicles are available for rent for an entire day! Our ride on toys have been a hit at birthday parties, camping trips, trips to the park or store, a great break from cabin fever, a change of pace for simply "jumping" in puddles. The list is endless. Add your adventures to the list!